British man barred from becoming airline pilot because he’s HIV-positive

A British man has reportedly been barred from becoming an airline pilot because he’s HIV-positive. According to Buzzfeed News, the man has been prevented from fulfilling his ‘boyhood dream’ by the Civil Aviation Authority because of his HIV status. As a result of the CAA’s decision the man, referred to only as Anthony, is unable to take up an offer from EasyJet to join its pilot training scheme – despite saving up for years to pay for the training. ‘It has had a fundamental impact,’ he told Buzzfeed. ‘It means the one career choice I want to make and want to do, I’m being told no, and the cause of that is because I’m HIV-positive. ‘It has destroyed a boyhood dream for me. It makes it difficult to accept the [HIV] diagnosis, because you want to believe there are no restrictions to you, but actually there are.’

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