A gay man’s first HIV test experience

As a gay man HIV is something I have been aware of from an early age and is often a subject of conversation between me, my gay friends and sexual partners. Recently I was made aware of the It Starts With Me campaign and HIV Testing Week which aim to promote the opportunity to both test for HIV and encourage others to do so. A close friend of mine, who has had multiple HIV tests over the years, was surprised to learn that I myself had never had the test and inspired me to bite the bullet after ensuring me the experience is not something to fear. Although I had decided to take his advice I couldn’t shake myself of the apprehension surrounding going through with an HIV test, and the possibility of a positive result filled me with a sense of dread. I had never been so fearful and curious about something that so many of my close friends were convinced wasn’t a big deal. My preconceptions about HIV testing and people living with HIV had overtaken any rational thought. But the process of getting tested was surprisingly easy. The accessibility The first thing I had to do when arranging my test was to figure out where to actually go and get tested.

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