Sir Vince Cable calls for routine HIV testing by GPs

Sir Vince Cable told PinkNews: “Whilst it is very welcome that new HIV diagnoses are down for gay and bisexual men in London we must not be complacent in our battle against HIV or ignore the wider picture. “It has killed too many people and ruined too many lives.

“There have been extraordinary strides in HIV prevention and awareness that is now seeing clear results in the gay community, but there is still more the government can do. “For example, routine HIV tests when you register with a GP or are admitted to hospital is still not common practice in high prevalence areas. “Too many people are still completely unaware that they are living with HIV and this has to change. “The Liberal Democrats will therefore continue to advocate for a more proactive approach to tackling HIV and continue our fight to ensure the government makes Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV prevention available on the NHS.”

More at Pink News

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