Hope for HIV as five patients left not needing drugs to suppress virus

Scientists have allegedly developed a ‘functional cure’ for HIV in what could be a landmark development for millions of people.

The development is being hailed as a ‘vital piece towards a functional cure’ by the National Aids Trust.

Despite being early days, a total of five people with HIV are currently free of detectable virus.And one has been drugs-free for more than seven months.

Spanish scientist Beatriz Mothe of IrsiCaixa AIDS Research Institute, started the research three years ago. She and her colleagues gave 24 recently diagnosed people two Oxford University developed vaccines and then gave them antiretroviral drugs.

Currently millions around the world take the drugs to suppress the spread of HIV, which can cause damage to the immune system if untreated. Without continuous treatment HIV can replicate quickly – even after an undetectable viral load is achieved.

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