"Remarkable" breakthrough HIV Cure..... or maybe not.

Some news outlets have recently reported that UK scientists and clinicians working on a groundbreaking trial to test a possible cure for HIV infection say they have made remarkable progress after a test patient showed no sign of the virus following treatment.

The research, being carried out by five of Britain’s top universities with NHS support, is combining standard antiretroviral drugs with a drug that reactivates dormant HIV and a vaccine that induces the immune system to destroy the infected cells.

However a detailed BBC report has urged caution...........

"Brink of HIV cure" grabs the attention, but talk of a breakthrough is premature. The Sunday Times reported that a British man with HIV was receiving a prototype therapy designed to eradicate the virus from his body. Early tests from the clinical trial have apparently shown no signs of the virus in his blood. That may sound astonishing unless you know that conventional antiretroviral therapy (ART) - which the patient was also taking - already reduces HIV to undetectable levels.

Full story here

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