Cheap, imported generic hepatitis C drugs can work well

A major conference on hepatitis treatment heard lots more good news about the new drugs for hepatitis C. For example, a single pill combining sofosbuvir with the new drug velpatasvir cured 95% of people living with hepatitis C and HIV co-infection. Results were similar regardless of hepatitis C genotype (1 to 4), the presence or absence of cirrhosis, and whether people had taken hepatitis treatment before or not.

But how many people in the UK will be able to access this new medicine and others like it? The situation is better in Scotland, but NHS England’s guidelines are so restrictive that the new generation of hepatitis C drugs are often only available to people who are already seriously ill with hepatitis C.

Faced with situations like this, individuals around the world have turned in desperation to the FixHepC buyer’s club in order to purchase their own hepatitis C medications.

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