Our Services

+me realises that we are all individuals and our service reflects this. At +me we pride ourselves on our reputation and confidentiality to give a much needed wrap around service to people living with or affected by HIV.

An extensive range of information and resources are available, For further information please call either: 01226 448782 or 07376371815


Activities are available by appointment only. Please call on either the Sheffield or Barnsley number.

Evening screening is also available and this must also be pre booked.

Our vocational training is accredited by Certa but we also provide non- vocational training that supports our awareness program.


We work with organisations to provide benefits and housing advice.


We were the first voluntary organisation to provide a free BBV rapid home screening service.

        Blood Borne Virus Testing

We provide a free and confidential testing service. Knowing your status can help put your mind at rest or help you prepare for the future. That’s why it’s so important to get tested regularly. We offer free, a confidential and friendly Rapid HIV Testing Service.
You should get tested for BBV (Blood Borne Virus) if you think you have exposed yourself to risk. For example, if you have had sex without a condom with someone whose BBV status is unknown to you, or if you have shared any needles or drug equipment. 

No matter what sexual orientation you are, if you are sexually active or sharing recreational drugs it is recommended that you attend a sexual health or drug service.  HIV tests are also recommended as part of a routine sexual health check-up.


Confidential counselling to individuals who are living with or impacted by HIV. Our counsellors are registered members of BACP (British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy) and work within the Ethical Framework for counseling professionals. Individuals may choose to have counselling because they are experiencing difficulties, anxiety or distress in their lives. You do not need to be in crisis to access counselling, for more information or informal chat please give us a call.

        Therapies ** (please call to check availability)

We have a relaxing room dedicated to complementary therapies and a qualified therapist able to offer a range of therapies including Reflexology, Back neck and shoulder massage, Indian Head massage the Bowen technique and Reiki. Therapies are offered to all service users and are particularly helpful to those suffering stress and anxiety related issues and physical aches and pains. 

        Social Excursions

Regular social excursions and social activities provide opportunities for people to meet up and socialise giving both service users, carers and their families a break. Our social activities regularly include trips to country parks, local art galleries, days out and trips to the coast and zoo.

        Community Services & Training

We work with external service providers to  provide training for volunteers, service users, carers and their families. A host of support includes advice and training on information technology, benefits, housing, 
money management and returning back into work or education.